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*You can book a Telephone Engineer online. Booking slots are between 8am-4pm. Please Check availability. Prices are one price for each job, we don't charge hourly.


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Fastest, Affordable and Quality Telecommunication Service in London. Wherever you are in London, one of our Ex Bt Engineers are available near you. We cover all London areas within M25.

Budged Friendly

We provide our customers most affordable Telecom Services with high quality customer satisfaction. We fixed our prices of the services to one price so when you book an engineer, you

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Business Telephony Voip

Having a good Telephone System for your business is very important. Old PBX systems are not able to meet your requirements. VOIP (Voice Over IP) is the best and cost

Fast Service

VOSO Engineers generally visit customers within the same day or next day. Our flexible time schedule has been arranged for you to reduce the time our engineers spend in your


Save money on your Energy Bills with VOSO. Since 2008 VOSO has helped UK businesses save money by buying energy from the right supplier at the right time, providing tools

6 Months Warranty

We value customer satisfaction and make sure we do the best in Telecommunications. If any of the materials, cables, sockets we installed stop working or not working properly within 6

CCTV Installation

With many years experience in Electronics and Security, our Electronic Engineers are ready to help you for any CCTV Security camera installations. We provide Bespoke CCTV solutions to hour house

7/24 Customer Service

Our Customer Service Representatives work 7/24 so you can call us whenever you want and book one of our Telephone Engineers.

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Old telephone sockets replaced.





Volkan was stuck in traffic but kept me informed. He did a great job replacing my two ancient telephone sockets with modern ones. He was also polite and friendly.

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