With many years experience in Electronics and Security, our Electronic Engineers are ready to help you for any CCTV Security camera installations. We provide Bespoke CCTV solutions to hour house or office. You can search on our shop for CCTV`s and purchase the best CCTV cameras for you. Alternatively you can speak to one of our engineers to choose the best camera suitable to your property.

CCTV Installation ServiceCCTV Installation ServiceNeed a new CCTV system for your home or business? Don`t know which system suitable for your home or business? Our Experienced Electronics Engineers make installing CCTV cameras even simpler.

We've teamed up with professional Electronics Engineers - CCTV installers to get you up and running with your new CCTV system even quicker. Whether you need help setting up traditional CCTV cameras, assistance with IP cameras (wifi enabled) or help configuring DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) we can help.

All of our CCTV Installation packages include:

  • Site assessment by engineer for optimum camera placement
  • Routing of cables from cameras to power points and back to the DVR
  • Configuration of DVR system
  • Demonstration of basic system operation

Where appropriate - one device (eg smartphone or tablet) will be configured for remote CCTV viewingInstallation packages available:

  • 1 Camera £120.00
  • 2 Cameras £170.00
  • 3 Cameras £220.00
  • 4 Cameras £270.00
  • 5 Cameras £320.00
  • 6 Cameras £370.00
  • 7 Cameras £420.00
  • 8 Cameras £470.00
  • 9 Cameras         £520.00
  • 10 Cameras      £600.00
  • 11 Cameras      £670.00
  • 12 Cameras      £770.00
  • 13 Cameras      £870.00
  • 14 Cameras      £970.00
  • 15 Cameras   £1,050.00
  • 16 Cameras   £1,150.00

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Old telephone sockets replaced.





Volkan was stuck in traffic but kept me informed. He did a great job replacing my two ancient telephone sockets with modern ones. He was also polite and friendly.

3 BT extensions not working.





Absolutely outstanding from start to finish. Booked time confirmed on email at time of booking, and day of call. Notified me timeously of small delay (20 min - Central London traffic). Arrived fully prepared with all extras needed. Found multiple broken wires and ancient cabling, and essentially rewired everything from scratch from the main BT socket (though meticulously repaired one extension). Repaired damaged sockets (not part of original work plan). He was fast, working throughout. Meticulous cleanup. Unhesitating recommendation. All aspect of his work was right first time.

CCTV Installation

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