UK Mobile Phone Packages.

Anyone who’s ever made a mobile phone call while abroad will know how annoying roaming charges can be. While making phone calls can be expensive, using the Internet or sending a picture message can be excruciatingly expensive.

In Europe, the picture is rosy – unless you’re from the UK. After a decade-long campaign haranguing mobile operators to reduce roaming charges in an effort to create a ‘digital single market’, the European Union is about to ban them completely from June 2017.

EU citizens will be able to call, send SMS or surf on their mobile at the same price they pay at home, but the UK’s decision to leave the EU in 2019 means that the legislation will not apply to its people. So how can you stop paying those extra fees for making and receiving phone calls, and using the internet, when you’re abroad? These tips will help soothe those shock holiday phone bill blues.

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