Remote IT Support

Remote IT support to help with problematic systems (Ad-hoc or managed).

• Remote and quick IT support for your office covering computer, server, printer and modem set up, troubleshooting and fixes. All accessed through connecting to the Liit website

• Managed Service contracts offer an inclusive IT support service which is billed a fixed price every month per machine for support

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Cloud Email

Microsoft Exchange is the market leading email system.

Microsoft Exchange email benefits include:

  • Cloud based (accessible anywhere with an internet connection)
  • Ability to share mailboxes, calendars, contacts, tasks across the company
  • Fully sync across all devices (phone, computer and tablet)
  • 125Gb Mailbox size capacity per user
  • Anti-SPAM Option:

o Filter junk, phishing and virus emails before they hit your inboxo Quarantine area to check caught emails
o Reduces risk of virus infection or fraud

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Domains and Website Hosting

Managed Domain registration:

  • Domains are used for emails and web hosting (
  • Business domains offer a more professional image than Hotmail or Gmail
  • We manage the setup and support for your customers

Website Hosting:

  • Hosting for customer websites
  • Migration service available to move existing websites across to our hosting

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup is now the most common way to backup data. Autonomous, secure and without storage limits.

• Program runs on the computers and servers and automatically backs-up data to the cloud

• Data is fully encrypted and secure

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Anti-virus and web filtering software.

• Anti-virus
o Protectscomputersfrompotentialviruses,malwareandTrojans
o Centralportaltomanageallprotectedcomputers
o InstantEmailalertsonvirusdetectionsgivingcustomerstimetotakeaction

• Web filtering
o Block high risk websites
o Reduceaccesstosocialmediasites
o Monitorindividualaccessandtimehistory

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Cloud Virtual Server Infrastructure (IAAS)

Cloud servers are Windows servers accessible via the internet.

  • Negates the need to buy, run and maintain physical server hardware
  • Secure and fully backed up
  • Instantly increase capacity
  • Disaster recovery

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