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Who is the UK’s fastest broadband provider?

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At the time of writing, Hyperoptic is only available in 28 towns and cities across the UK, including Greater London, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow.

However, Hyperoptic expands on a building-by-building basis rather than moving wholesale into an area. So, even if a customer lives in one of the cities where Hyperoptic is already rolled out, that means there’s no guarantee of availability.

That said, Hyperoptic are striving to become competitive in the cities where they’re active, even with their slower speed packages.

In the autumn of 2017, they increased the speed of their cheaper deals by 50%, to 30Mb and 150Mb.

Find out where Hyperoptic is available in our full review. Compare it directly with Virgin Media in this guide.

adminWho is the UK’s fastest broadband provider?
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